The Kennel's History

The Kennel's History and Classico

In 1985 I bought my first Wheaten Terrier, Mirja (Fraser Tartan Pearl Rose). She soon became a Champion and was an excellent dog in obedience competitions. Two years later Tiny (Golden Magic Tiny) arrived, and she also became a beautiful show dog and a champion. When I bought Mirja there were only 2 Wheaten Terriers in Norway. We had little possibility of making progress on the breeding side so I imported Zorba ( Lontree’s Saffy Son) from USA. He became an International Champion and was famous for his appearance and stable temperament. He sired many puppies, including those of Mirja and Tiny, and was the founder of the kennel. He also sired many litters in Sweden and Finland and many champions, both in Norway and Sweden.  

In 1988 I founded the Wheaten Terrier Club in Norway.There was a great need for information, for learning how to clip and meeting socially.  The first meeting was at my home in Brøttum. As far as I remember there were 34 dogs present (and an unknown number of owners). It was a historic meeting and a fantastic weekend. We formed an interim committee and the club was up and running.  

Since then and up to today Virtawheat Kennel has made great progress with lovely Show dogs and very few problems with illness or temperament.

 Eleven kennels in Norwayhave started breeding programmes with dogs bought from Virtawheat Kennels. They have produced excellent dogs in their continuing breeding and I am proud of these descendants. We owners have exchanged experiences and helped each other. The “new” breeders have taken breeding work seriously and made me very proud. 

Because I’ve been active for so long it would take too long to mention all my winning dogs.  Even so I would like to boast of my greatest experience of all, in addition to winning Scandinavian, Norwegian and International Championships:  The Scandinavian and International Champion Virtawheat Hasting became World Champion in 1998!

 Over the years I have exhibited dogs from my kennel in the Breeders’ Class and have received 115 prizes of honour for my dogs.

 I am also proud to own Nordic and International Champion Windisle Classico to Virtawheat, who was the most-winning stud dog in 2002 in competition with all other breeds in Norway. In 2004 he was Norwegian Champion in Hamar. His daughter Kaiza was awarded best bitch (BOS) and became Norwegian Winner 04 at the same time as her father.  

Classico is the father of many beautiful champions in my kennel. I am still breeding and showing dogs. The game must go on! Just look here

The story of Classico

He was 10 years old 16.10.08  

As the ”old” members of the Wheaten world probably remember, and the “new” don’t know,  I imported Lontry Saffy’s son in 1986. He was 10 months old when he came from Pennsylvania to Brøttum near Lillehammer , after 4 month’s quarantine in Sweden. He became the most famous Wheaten in Norwayand a prominent stud dog.  When the breed first came to Norwaywe lacked  dogs to breed from, because the few we had were all closely related. Zorba, as he was named, quickly becameInt ernationale ch. Nor wegian ch. S wedish ch. N orwegian winner 98 S wedish winner 88 and the first Wheaten in Norway and Swedenwho was alsoplaced in group finals at the Norwegian and Swedish  International Club Shows . The Wheaten Terrier was not well-known in Norwayat the time and judges were naturally not very confidenton judging them, and did not usually enter them in group finals.
What I specially remember is that I didn’t want to show him at the Norwegian Terrier Club’s special show because the judge was Irish, and Zorba was imported from USA. But I thought:  It doesn’t matter, I’m going anyway so I’ll enter him. He became Best in Show!!
  Zorba was a beautiful  healthy Wheaten and sired many puppies in Norway, Sweden and Finland.
Then tragedy struck: he was knocked down and killed instantly by a car driving at 130 kms in an 80 km zone. It was a terrible shock for me and many  others. The time afterwards was very difficult and I thought I would never get another dog who could match him and steal my heart like he had. He was my pride and joy, well-behaved and stable in all situations.
I saw Soft Hawk Benjamin (Rasmus), for the first time at a show in Swedenwhen he was a junior. Zorba had recently de a d, and I saw how much Rasmus resembled his father. He was a beautiful dog and I followed him closely all the 13 years of his life, becoming a close friend of his owner, Stig Juren. Rasmus’s awards are:  S wedish ch, Nor wegian ch, Dan ish ch, VDH kft, Nordi c ch, S wedish Winner , Copenhagen W inner , Europ ean W inner og Derby W inner .
He is still, after his death, the Wheaten Terrier with the most awards in Norway and Sweden , and also in Scandinavia as far as I know.
After a while Stig became a breeder and imported a bitch from Margaret Siber-Møller, who owns the Wheaten Rebell kennel in Germany. Stig promised me the first choice of male puppy when he mated Wheaten Rebell’s Rock Me Roby with Rasmus. Two years later 5 dogs and two bitches were born in this combination . I travelled to Stockholmwhen the pups were almost  old enough to go to their new homes and stayed with Stig . S o I
had plenty of time to make my choice. Classico came home to Norwaywith me.
From his litter 4 of the males became champions, of which 2 were  both  Nordic ch and Int ernational ch. Both bitches becameNordic ch. a nd “Molly” was alsoGerman ch. and Finich ch
. The litter was fantastic.4 dogs have been bred from and have had a great influence on the breed, producing good-looking, healthy dogs.  
Classico was a junior at a special show in Sweden, where Emily Holden (Amadens Kennel in USA) was judging. She and her friend, Lory Kromarch, fell in love with him and asked if they could have some sperm from him when he became adult. A year later he was tested very thoroughly and his sperm was sent to Pennsylvania.
For me this was a symbolic circle. Classico’s grandfather, ,Lontry’s Saffy Son,came to me from USAand now Classico’s genes had gone back there. The circle was complete and he has sired many American champions.  

It was a thrill for me to show/handle his descendants at the world’s biggest terrier show at Montgomery, where about 200 Wheatens entered .
Classico has been a fantastic dog. He has never picked a fight and is well-behaved and eager when he meets other dogs. He can  react if strange dogs aren’t well-behaved, which is fine, but is never the one to start trouble. If he meets a nervous dog he is very good at making contact and being friendly until the frightened dogfeels secure. It’s great to see him in those situations.

Classico became a  fantastically good successor to Zorba and stole my heart just like his grandfather had done. Now he’s just turned 10 years of age, and is agile and healthy, with normal sight and hearing. He runs around with his grandchild Urbane Tanita, who is two, and keeps up with her. He enjoys visiting the vet . because he gets good treatment and a titbit. He doesn’t go for walks but runs, and has no idea he’s getting to be an old man. He’s never been ill in his life and none of his descendants have inherited any disease, something I’m really glad about. He is now sire and grandsire to many dogs in Norway , Sweden , USA and Russia, and therefore it would be sad if he had left anything but positive qualities.

Classico’s merits:
He has sired many dogs in Norway , also 7 dogs in Russia – the Mast Poeta Kennel, all of them are Champions and 2 Derby winners. Two of them are the most award-winning Wheatens in Russia. I have 12 champions after Classico in my own kennel.
He is also grandfather of lot s of champions.

  Classico is Norwegian ch. Swedish ch. and Danish ch. (Called Nordic ch.). He is also Norwegian Winner 04 and International ch.
He was the most winning stud dog in Norway 04 in competition of all breeds this year. That is something
which no Wheaten has ever accomplished before , at least in Norway.

It feels like only yesterday that I acquired him and now he is suddenly ten, a fact that neither he or I have grasped.



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Du har nydelig pudler. Jeg er interessert i å kjøpe en sølvpuddel i mellomstørrelse. Vet du om noen som har eller planlegger kull. mvh Lisbeth +47 92020131

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Ja du.. Den historien husker jeg meget godt. Det ble mye styr,redsel og forferdelig opplevelse. Vi visste jo ikke hvor i verden de hadde tatt henne med .

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Det var på den tiden våra hundar inte kunde resa till Finland utan att vara i karantän när de kom tillbaka.
Efter 1 natt i Finland kunde vi hämta

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Roligt att läsa om dina äventyr med Wheaten. Mitt starkaste minne är från när du och en väninna skickade en tik till Sting och Finnair glömde lasta av henne.

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